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With the COVID restrictions how does E-commerce companies deals with Warehouse Demands?

Maintaining a safe environment

Keeping the workplace COVID free and secure for the employees in every part of the space and every part of the working day. Arranging the employees break times to limit the crowd on the canteen and breakrooms with a limited seating and a mark where people can sit will help with the physical distancing.

Having a designated entrance and exit so that employees won’t have to cross paths with those who will enter and allowing fresh air to enter by keeping the shutter open.

In order to meet the demands more employees are needed in the warehouse which gives a headache for the business since it is impossible to employ more people due to the pandemic. Reducing the people in the warehouse ensures the safety of the employees and physical distancing guidelines and have a set of collection times for the couriers.

Using warehouse technology

Stocks are being rotated 10-12 times per year which makes a lot of inbound deliveries from suppliers with a 2-week order cycle from 150 other suppliers.

A stock management tools were developed to help in automating the order of products based on patterns which helps highlighting any anomalies in the sales patterns. E-commerce platform manages all the purchased orders which give visibility of stock management to finance, management, warehouse and customer service.

Smoothing supply chain operations

With the pandemic happening the stock takes, stock purchases and sourcing of packaging supplies has made our team to be stretched out last year, by optimising the supply chain operations will allow our team to plan for the surges in orders ahead of time. Buying from more than three suppliers with different prices at different times of the month could help in the surges of demands instead of relying on one supplier for a range of products.

To keep the supply chain operations run smoothly by using the proprietary stock movement ensuring to have enough stock to meet the demand and monitoring APIs which shows the daily and weekly sales per stock.

Prioritising the customer experience

To ensure the customers can get information that they needed and to have their questions answered during their purchasing journey is crucial which makes setting up a system for this important.

During the pandemic our mission was to ensure that all new customers will get to experience the usual high level of service that we provide. During working hours customers can speak to us via telephone, live chat and email and orders will be dispatched the same day if the order was placed before 7pm. To maintain these levels, to bolster our team and to continue the high levels of services we recruited and train a number of new customer service operatives.

In the industry where PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is prohibited like ours the customer is the best marketing asset. Our loyal customer has referred us a lot to their family, friend and colleagues to Vape Club once the lockdown happened. Our customer is confident to recommend our services since we’ve looked after our customers for many years.

These are all according to Dan Marchant, Ecommerce Retailer & Director, Vape Club

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