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September 24, 2021
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WA Vaccination Mandate for “At Risk” Transport, Freight and Logistics Workers


A new regulation, slated to go into effect in late October, requires freight, transportation and logistics workers in high risk areas to have at least one dose of the COVID19 vaccine before entering Western Australia.

The 2005 Emergency Management Act will continue to protect this highly mobile workforce.

On October 24 at 12:01 am, transport, freight and logistics workers will need to have received at least their first dose of COVID19 vaccine to enter Western Australia if they have traveled to a “high” or “extreme” risk jurisdiction.

These workers will need to be fully vaccinated within two months of their first dose, which means they must have received the second dose by 12:01 a.m. on December 24.


Every day there are around 300 Western Australian border crossings by transport, freight and logistics workers. Many of these workers are from Western Australia, while some are based in other states and territories.

Regardless of where a worker resides, the guidelines will apply to them if they have transited through a ‘high risk’ or ‘extreme risk’ jurisdiction within 14 days of entering Western Australia.

Directions include, but are not limited to, freight truck drivers, pilot / support vehicle drivers, movers, rail drivers and rail support personnel, if such employees need to travel to or cross a “high risk” or “extreme” jurisdiction for business reasons.

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In addition to the mandatory vaccination requirement, these workers must also wear a face mask when in public, show proof of a negative COVID19 test result, or perform a rapid antigen test at the border. Western Australia and whether they reside in the state. , must adhere to the normal testing regime until 14 days have elapsed.

Employers will be responsible for collecting and maintaining records of vaccinated workers.

The instructions provide exemptions for freight, freight and logistics workers not vaccinated for approved medical reasons.

Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan said: “The transport, freight and logistics workforce is by its nature highly mobile with truckies and other workers visiting numerous places during the course of their work.

“Being on the road day in day out brings with it risks, and that is why is it important we’ve followed the health advice to ensure this workforce gets vaccinated against COVID-19″.

“We have already seen instances where truck drivers from places like New South Wales, which is currently at an ‘extreme risk’ setting has incidentally carried COVID”.

“We can never be too vigilant in our efforts to keep this deadly virus out of Western Australia and so I strongly encourage everyone to get their COVID vaccine now and let’s get our vaccination levels up.”

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Rita Saffioti, Western Australian Transport Minister, said, “It is vital that our transport, freight and logistics workers  – who do a remarkable job keeping our state running and supply chains moving  – are vaccinated against COVID-19.

“This is to protect these workers, their family and networks, the community, our industries and the economy”.

“On the advice of our Chief Health Officer, the mandate for transport, freight and logistics workers coming into Western Australia from a ‘high’ or an ‘extreme’ risk location to be vaccinated, is a proportionate and appropriate response in the ongoing effort to keep Western Australia safe”.

“Of course, we would like all workers in this important industry to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated, and I’d urge them to do so.”


Article inspired from infrastructuremagazine

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