Specialised Cargo

We understand your specific requirements and offer you the ultimate customer service and guidance required to meet your deadlines.

Resource Sector

For this sector, we offer stand-alone and integrated logistics solutions to the mining industry, both inbound and outbound. We can support your business objectives with tailor-made services for exploration and mining in remote and challenging markets.

We understand that in an industry driven by the global demand for mineral resources, the reliable delivery of your mining cargo anywhere in the world is essential. From the safe delivery of uniquely shaped mining equipment to transportation of site materials, we can help, no matter how remote the location.

Our international network of trusted carriers provides cost effective options for all your mining logistics requirements.

Our services include:

  • Logistics Plans
  • Air, Sea and Road transport
  • Warehousing and Export Packing
  • Secure Cargo Monitoring
  • Country-specific Export Compliance
  • Customs Clearance

With our depth of knowledge in the resource sector our customers know their machinery and equipment is in good hands. You can trust us to handle their equipment with the care it requires and ensure on-time delivery through our global network of experienced professionals. Every day our customers benefit from our considerable experience and proven success – moving mining materials and supplies where they are needed most.



Wheat grain is one of the most challenging and dangerous cargos to carry in bulk due to its potential to shift in transit. Strictly controlled environment for its transportation is critical.

We understand the very particular needs of our agribusiness customers and have developed a tailored logistics suite of services that is efficient, cost-effective, and compliant.

Our experience in this sector gives our customers assurance that their wheat cargo will be protected every step of the way.

Re-refined oil

We offer both stand-alone services and end-to-end logistics solutions to support the oil industry.

Re-refined oil is shipped either in ISO or Flexi-tanks or via bulk vessels. We collect from the refiner and transport by road, rail, and sea, and organize the required Material Safety Data Sheet prior to transport.

We can offer door to door service or pick up and deliver from your preferred load and discharge ports.


We can arrange transport on the correct size and type of ship to meet your needs.

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