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CFFC’s offer complete tailored solutions for either port-to-port or door-to-door delivery for a reliable, expedient and cost-effective air freight service to suit any domestic and international needs.
Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that CFFC guarantees, as we draw on our global wealth of experience and robust infrastructure that we have established over the years, successfully delivering time and time again. We can arrange freight to and from any major airports worldwide and utilise all airlines to ensure our clients cargo is moved in minimal time via the most economical flight paths, including customer clearance and processing all the necessary documentation.
For additional peace of mind, you can track your goods in transit with our sophisticated tracking system. You can also set up alerts for regular updates that will be sent directly to you.

Some of our major air freight routes include:

  • Exports – From major Australian airports to New Zealand, USA, Canada, Southern America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, China and South and North East Asia.
  • Imports – USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Africa, South East Asia, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and North and East Asia

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Sea freight is one of our main specialities. Our well-established networks with major carriers and shipping lines, along with our strategic partners and agents worldwide, provides us with the best unmatched hassle free international freight customer services experience for to our customers. With almost a decade and half experience and infrastructure ensures we provide an efficient, flexible and cost-effective global service with optimum and reliability with our access to leading-edge technology and strategic supply chain excellence in international trade logistics puts us ahead of our competitions. A big win for our customers.

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Both Road and Rail transport play important roles in facilitating Australia’s diversity of freight tasks.
We offer fully integrated and customised rail and road solutions to and from Australian ports, with road transport providing local pick-up and delivery (PUD) to and from rail terminals.

Also, we can provide you with access to container yards across all the rail networks in Australia and extended services during peak seasons.
For your ease and peace of mind, our experienced team will seamlessly manage all your freight requirements to ensure a full end-to-end solution, combining services as required.
Our sophisticated tracking system allows you to you track at any time. You can also set up alerts for regular updates that will be sent directly to you.

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Our demonstrated supply chain and compliance history mean we are identified as one of the industry’s leading Freight Forwarder and Customs agents which provides added value to our customers. Through our Integrated Cargo System, we can process your required forms for Customs Clearance on your behalf. We will provide you with the necessary information to ensure that your freight, clearances and deliveries are handled in the most cost-effective manner in order to reduce any applicable charges you may incur and including avoidable wharf/ airport storage costs.

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CFFC can offer you the security of knowing that your project is in the very capable hands of our experienced personnel, with the skills and expertise to ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Our team of chosen specialised experts offer a stand-alone and integrated logistics solutions including the deconstruction, removal and shipping of your factory and equipment/ export of difficult and oversize machinery and equipment.
We serve clients with freight, haulage and shipping of machinery and earthmoving equipment from the agricultural, industrial and manufacturing sectors to the exploration and mining sectors in the remote and challenging areas of Australia. Our international network of carriers provides cost-effective options for all your mining logistics requirements.
We understand the sensitive natures of some industries and hence will ensure they are transported in the correct and strictly controlled environments required. For example; wheat grain is one of the most challenging and dangerous cargos to carry in bulk due to its potential to shift in transit whilst, re-refined oil needs to be shipped either in ISO or Flexi-tanks or via bulk vessels.

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Our expert team of Freight Consultants is here to assist you to analyze and identify your business growth potential, while maximizing efficiency, minimizing your costs and reducing risks. In addition to, helping you determine the best direction for all your logistics needs and ensure compliance with all required laws and regulations, including Custom’s legislation.
With our extensive commodity trading experience and powerful networks, we can also facilitate matching of potential buyers and sellers. We also bring strong mergers and acquisitions and private equity lens to our work. Collaborating, we can help clients evaluate potential deals through due diligence and execute M&A and post-merger integration.

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