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Congestion, Delays and Supply Chain Challenges will not end in 2021
October 6, 2021

Drones: Future of Logistics

Drone: the future of logistics

Drone surveying the city for delivery

The drone market is predicted to make waves in supply chains as most businesses prioritize performance in every step of the supply chain process. Soon, drone-based deliveries could be a staple as drone era for transportation and logistics are predicted to attain the $20 billion mark in ten years.

Just what precisely are the uses of drones? How will drones effect the deliver chain? These are key questions many are asking. Below are the fundamentals of this era and the way those small, winged machines will revolutionize deliveries forever.

Drones Deliveries Future Logistics

Drones delivering parcels.

How Are Drones Used in Logistics?

  • Drone deliveries can be used in highly congested area.
  • Deliveries to remote areas are now being tested.
  • Inspection of areas that were affected by calamities and disasters.
  • Surveillance of large area such as warehouse, plants, and factories.
  • Collection of video and pictures for the duration of stock audits

The growing popularity of e-commerce strongly supports the use of drone technology in the transportation and distribution of goods. However, there are limitations in the hardware such as payload capacity, battery life, and flight stability in rain and wind conditions. Additionally, the large-scale adoption of drone delivery for last mile deliveries is currently not possible given regulatory and legislative concerns over data privacy and security.

These small planes are still useful for inventory management in the supply chain. The reason drones can be used for these purposes is that the commercial use of drones indoors is not regulated.


Drone’s Advantages:

  • Reduction of labor force and machineries.
  • Alternative for essential task of personnel in instances of scarcity or excessive attrition
  • Reduced operational and transport

Drones Delivery Parcels

What’s the Future of Drone Technology in Logistics and Supply Chain?

Global manufacturers are making an investment in R&D of drones for logistics. Companies like Google, Amazon, DHL, and Walmart are actively experimenting with independent structures and robotics. On the alternative hand, 3PL companies are using drones to conform with their Service Level Agreements with their clients. There were great improvements of drone hardware in previous years, leading to a clever automation software that makes drones cost-efficient for logistics and supply chain uses.

In the end, it is apparent that drones will reshape the supply chain process in the future, given the strong interest and investments in automation. Drone-based deliveries, however, can be scaled if logistics companies can work jointly with the government, regulators, and clients to conquer barriers.