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What are the most efficient container ports globally?
May 14, 2021
Budget update
May 20, 2021

A legislation for port grants toward decarbonization

A program that targets port projects linked to decarbonization is to be granted a federal grant program, the bipartisan legislation under review in the US House of Representative. With this grant increase in funding the inland river and small ports, and give greater consideration to projects addressing climate change.

The legislation doesn’t require funding sources and was introduced by the Republican and Democratic leaders to the committee that was introduce Friday by Rep. Peter Fazio (D-Oregon), chair of the House committee on transportation and infrastructure, and Rep. Sam Graves (R-Missouri), the committee’s ranking member. This bill will likely be passed or included in larger legislative package.

Passing his bill would make projects that reduces carbon footprint of port operations eligible for grants within the Maritime Administration’s Port Infrastructure Development Program.

With the revised formula set out by the legislation, project grants for inland river and small projects would increase from 18 to 25 percent. Whether it is on bulk or containers-on-barge with the grant being passed would allow the shippers to reduce their carbon emissions by seeking a cleaner alternative to trucking and even rail.

A grant request that could address hazards to port infrastructure could be required Marad through the bill if passed, such as sea-level increases which causes flooding and extreme weather events. The outline projects and address disruptions to port infrastructure and cargo handling could also be require Marad through the legislation.

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